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A while ago a friend using mine was telling me and my peers about a new wine bottle preservation gadget. He suggested that I try the actual new Epicurean Preservation Equipment EPS. “My Vacu Vin works just fine,” My hubby and i insisted. Reluctantly, I moved on with this challenge, oneself at that time reasons why I was doing our. As a sommelier and wine writer, I’m often asked to discussion wines and wine pertinent products. Research is an integral component to further wine bottle education and any first-rate written review, so I’ve accepted my friend’s trial. I contacted the Epicurean International Company presorvav and before I educated themselves on it I was discussing with Anthony Lemme.

I was the fortunate people recipient of a quickly seminar regarding the benefits associated with their Epicurean Preservation Method versus the features belonging to the Vacu Vin. According as a way to Mr. Lemme and this special company’s research, “Our lumineux pending dual-action Roto-ciprocal Expanded polystyrene vacuum and pressure water system is designed keep the optimum taste, color, and aroma of that wines and the shine of the finest champagnes up to days more than open bottles.” I demanded Anthony what is the quantity one sales point of this Epicurean Preservation System “Our product is the first truly cost-effective wine care system that actually keeps the fizz in effervescent wine.

The Vacu Vin doesn’t preserve the champagne’s fizz,” said Mr. Lemme. In the bottom of my interview, consumers completed the order and then within a few hours an Epicurean Preservation Mechanism was delivered right to be able to my PO Box. With regards to examining the Epicurean Conservation System, I was thankful for the portable, self was made up of design of this rental. Eco-friendly wine when not in this rests upright in any good AC charger. Accompanying your wine preservation system are two sorts of bottle stoppers. Model type is used during preserving still wines along with the other is a specially engineered bottle stopper used to receive preserving champagne or bright wines.

The two Airs bottle stoppers ideal for still wines quote two functions the a basic wine stopper and another offers a business pour spout in the design. The Airs champagne or bright wine bottle stopper is designed so that you screw onto an important champagne bottle and a high amount of pressure charge. The trick begins! I here’s a huge big fan of my Vacu Vin, and you may up to the most important moment, the largest challenge I had been facing was a personal bias for of my Vacu Vin. When I simply performed side through process of side comparisons inside the Vacu Vin as well as the Epicurean Preservation Procedure in preserving continually wines, I has ultimately more surprised by the EPS.

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